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Lyon Shield Security aims to place the bar high for personal protection solutions by using advanced methods, acquiring the greatest of expectations for our personnel, and supporting our own guards with hands-on management and training. Our business is led by professionals in the field of security who are devoted to helping private/public and enterprises alike in securing their property and assets. In order to fit the needs of our diverse customers we custom design a security plan for each location and support open communication among our customers along with management team.

We provide employment to screened, security vetted and highly trained personnel statewide.

We use our expertise and our local knowledge in the assessment and management of security and safety risks for buildings, infrastructure, materials, valuables, people and society. 

We develop long-term strategic partnerships with customers in key sectors where we can help them to deliver their own business objectives through either increasing their revenues, reducing costs, managing risks, protecting critical assets or improving their service delivery to the customers they serve. 

We do this by understanding the environments in which our customers operate, the pressures they face and the things that matter to them most.  

Lyon Shield Security corporate values are the standards we set for ourselves. They form our corporate culture and they are reflected in our behaviors and actions around the state. We offer far more than commodity products and services designed for security, Lyon Shield Security harnesses the power of technology to offer customers end-to-end security solutions.




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