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It has become crucial for banks to have very solid and well-planned security systems in place. There are several money transactions taking place on these premises and several customers walking in and out of the property on a daily basis. This makes it necessary to ensure that the establishment has an appropriate bank security system in place.


Some of the security systems that banks and financial institutions should have are the following:


  • Banking Security Guards (Armed & Unarmed Guards)

  • Alarm Response & report system

  • Access control systems

It is important that all these systems be integrated very well with each other in order to be effective.



Banking institutions are always high risk when it comes to break-ins, thefts and robberies. The only way that they can maintain the security of the money, valuables as well as the safety of bank employees and account holders is to hire the best security guard companies and install advanced surveillance systems.


Having well-maintained systems and experienced security personnel will act a deterrent to miscreants, thieves, and other criminals. Access control systems help ensure that only authorized personnel can enter specific areas of the property. This goes a long way in maintaining high levels of security in a bank.


We provide comprehensive security solutions including armed security officers, unarmed security officers, perimeter surveillance, access control, and more. When you choose to hire Lyon Shield Security for the protection of your bank premises, you can rest assured that you will get:


  • Customized back security solutions

  • Personalized attention

  • Excellent customer satisfaction

  • Comprehensive Security Solutions

  • Highly trained and experienced security guards

  • Competitive pricing to help your business

Why Is Banking Security Needed?


Why Should You Hire Lyon Shield Security?

 Lyon Shield provides a security program that detects/deters crimes, helps protect employees, property & the all-important trust of the client and its customers. The responsibility of our officers is to protect and secure the exterior and interior of a bank or financial institution. Our officer's main objective is to enhance a secure presence by vigilantly protecting property, employees and customers.

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Industrial Security

We focus on safety, so you can focus on your business. Our industrial security solutions are custom tailored to each client's specific needs


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