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How to Hire a Security Guard for an Event

An important aspect to consider when planning an event is the guest experience. Making your guests feel welcome and comfortable is vital to any event’s success. Thus, finding the appropriate event security solution is an essential part of your event planning process.

Knowing how to hire a security guard team for your event can seem challenging, especially if you haven’t hired one before. What kind of security solution is right for your upcoming event? How do you find and hire the right security team?

Keep reading to learn how to find, evaluate and hire a highly-qualified event security team that meets your needs.

How to Hire a Security Guard for an Event

Determine Your Needs

Because there are numerous types of event security solutions available, it is important to first determine your needs. Start by understanding the type of event you’ll be hosting.

Let’s say you plan to host a concert and expect a medium-sized crowd to attend. In this scenario, you might need a security team to control access to back-stage areas intended for performers.

Understanding the needs of your event can also help you get the right balance between security personnel and your guests. The venue where you hold your event can influence the security solution you choose as well. An event at a larger venue that expects more guests may need more security personnel than a smaller crowd at a smaller venue.

Assess Security Credentials and Capabilities

The next step in learning how to hire a security guard for an event is evaluating potential security teams. By evaluating a security team before you hire them, you can ensure they have the proper credentials.

The credentials that a security guard must possess vary depending on the security solution they provide. An armed security guard must earn a permit to legally carry a weapon in North Carolina, for example. Another factor that impacts the credentials needed by a security guard is the state they work in. The license and certification requirements can differ from state to state. Use your state’s requirements to ensure the security team you hire has the right licenses and permits.

Hire an Event Security Guard Through a Security Firm

As you start the hiring process, you may wonder, “What method should I use to hire my security team?”

A common method to use when hiring event security is to partner with an experienced security firm. While you can directly hire security employees instead of contracting them, the direct hiring process poses some challenges. The direct-hire process is time-consuming because you must screen and identify potential security candidates on your own.

Conversely, partnering with a security firm provides you with a timely and efficient event security solution. Another advantage to partnering with a security firm is their expertise. Industry knowledge and experience allow a security firm to effectively screen and vet the security guards they hire. The event security guards you hire through a security firm will have the proper training and experience necessary for your event.

Protect What Matters With Lyon Shield Security

The well-being of your guests is your number one priority when hiring event security.

At Lyon Shield Security, we are passionate about providing clients in North Carolina with fitting event security solutions. Led by experienced security professionals, Lyon Shield Security helps clients feel secure when it matters most.

Lyon Shield Security has experience in delivering security solutions for a variety of events across numerous industry verticals. By combining local knowledge and industry expertise, Lyon Shield Security provides innovative solutions to each client’s needs.

All security officers at Lyon Shield Security have up-to-date state licenses and certifications. In addition to state licenses and certifications, many Lyon Shield Security officers are qualified in Spectator Safety.

By forming a long-lasting strategic relationship with Lyon Shield Security, clients can rest assured that their security needs are always met.

Are you looking for an efficient event security solution?

Contact the team at Lyon Shield Security to learn more about our innovative event security solutions.

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