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How Much Does Private Security Cost to Hire?

private security cost

In the increasingly unpredictable and dangerous world, more individuals and businesses may turn to private security firms to provide proven and consistent forms of safety. While public officers, such as the police force, work to provide safety for the general community, hiring a private security firm provides the distinct advantage of personalized protection services tailored to individual needs and enforces specific corporate laws. Using a full-service private security firm ensures that experienced professionals handle the details of the specific safety measures, including ensuring compliance with state regulations and providing proper licensing and appropriate liability insurance.

A critical question then becomes the cost-effective nature of private security. How much does private security cost to hire? The answer may be surprising for those who assume there would be a steep cost for such individualized protection.

What is the Cost of Private Security?

Of necessity, private security costs will vary depending on circumstance and qualifications. Still, average metrics become useful as a baseline for what to expect in determining the cost of private security.

Private Security Costs for Events

While event security costs can vary widely depending on the nature of the event, generally, event security involves multiple service professionals providing effective risk prevention and crowd management. Event timing can also greatly affect cost, with overnight guards potentially costing up to four times the pay for work during standard business hours.

Driver Security Costs

According to the Economic Research Institute, armored car guards and drivers in North Carolina typically cost around $16/hour, while unarmed drivers cost, on average, $11/hour. Armed drivers undergo training processes, including a multi-step certification with continuing education programs to ensure legal and safe weapons handling.

Security Detail Costs

The cost of having a team of security personnel includes the price for each individual team member and the advantage of hiring a pre-screened team who already has experience serving together on security details. This price ranges significantly, but Lyon Shield Security can provide a quote tailored to any client’s specific circumstances.

Factors That Influence Private Security Cost

In considering a balance between maximum security and maximum efficiency along with the personalized fit for individual circumstances, it becomes important to consider which factors most influence the cost of private security services.

Unarmed vs. Armed Security

Armed security is typically more expensive than unarmed security, with an immediate salary increase that typically ranges from at least $3-6/hour. This difference comes from the firearms registration permit and training required for security personnel to be armed (see §74C-13). Of course, unarmed security is still educated and safe as well. The state requires unarmed security guards to take a minimum of 16 hours of training within the first month of permanent hire.

Type of Security Firm

Security firms vary widely in their resources and offerings. Some firms specialize in specific security needs such as event, residential, or industrial security. Other firms offer a fuller range of services customizable to client needs. Full-service firms, with more options, allow for flexibility if needs change or requirements become more specific. With a full-service firm like Lyon Shield Security, clients receive dependable security at affordable rates from trusted professionals.

Personnel Experience

Security guards and officers who are either current or former police officers or those who have served in the military can command higher rates due to extra experience and training. One measurable benefit comes with how a police or military background can serve as a prerequisite for private patrol licenses. Though there is no strict standard for how much experience affects price range, personnel with more experience are more sought after for various security positions.

Location Considerations

The specifics of a client’s location can affect private security costs. Certain locations have different rules or requirements for which security personnel will need prior training. For example, guards for a corporate office building after hours will use different skills than guards at a daytime event. Some considerations for a location, such as the need for personnel to be familiar with technologies or cybersecurity measures, could potentially increase costs by a wide margin.


Ultimately, regardless of cost, the goal of hiring private security is to ensure safety. Lyon Shield Security’s commitment to a safer world secures peace of mind through innovative solutions. As a high-quality full-service private security firm, Lyon will provide a customized quote and plan for your needs. Additionally, undertake all associated practices related to the security provision, committed to providing a dependable and affordable security solution that remains dynamic and flexible.

for your security solution today to be part of our safer world.

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