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5 Types of Security Guards You Can Hire

types of security guards

The reasons why you may want to employ the services of a security outfit could be due to the protection of yourself, place of business, and personal property. Overall, the importance of security personnel varies from sector to sector.

Before you hire a security guard, it is important to understand that there are different types of security guards. Each type of security guard comes with unique skills that align with specific job descriptions.

To help you find a fitting security solution, we’ve outlined different types of armed and unarmed security guards and guard specializations.

Types of Security Guards

All security guards are personnel hired to protect properties or individuals from threats, harm, and theft. Nevertheless, there are specific types of security guards that fall under this general definition. In this section, we would look at the types of security guards available at Lyon Shield Security and their characteristics.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are a special type of guard that is trained and licensed to carry weapons. These guards have undergone training that enables them to protect their clients from assailants or thieves. Armed security guards possess the skill to protect, observe and identify possible threats.

When considering armed security guards, you may wonder what requirements an armed guard must meet. The overall requirements that any security guard must meet will depend on state and federal laws and regulations. According to North Carolina law (§ 74C-13), security guards can carry a weapon after earning the proper permit. For example, a security guard must obtain a concealed carry permit if carrying a concealed weapon.

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are different from their counterparts when it comes to carrying out their duties. Armed security guard possesses weapons that help them carry out their duties while an unarmed security guard does not use weapons. An unarmed security guard’s role can include patrolling and checking out disturbances within residential premises to ensure the residents' safety.

By and large, both an unarmed and armed security guard can fulfill similar duties. The main difference in when a firm may hire each type of security guard depends on perceived risk. Some firms will recruit an unarmed guard for roles that do not involve high risks, such as protecting low-risk persons or property.

Examples of Security Guards Specializations

While the two main types of security guards are armed and unarmed, each role has unique specializations to consider. This section takes a look at several security guard specializations.

Personal Protection Security Guards

One security guard specialization to consider is personal protection guards. This type of security guard provides services that focus on the protection of a particular individual or group. These guards are well trained to fulfill various duties, such as monitoring security footage or dealing with trespassers.

Event Security Guards

Event security guards are responsible for the protection and assistance of those who attend an event in which they were hired to guard. Event security guards are commonly hired to protect event guests from possible threats and prevent unwanted guests from entering the event venue. Other duties that event security guards fulfill depend on the type of event they are hired for. Security guards hired for a concert typically have training in crowd control and other applicable areas.

Residential Security Guards

Residential security guards are responsible for the protection and safety of the inhabitants of a residential building. The duties of a residential security guard can vary depending on the type of residential building they guard. For example, a college dorm security guard may be tasked with keeping unauthorized visitors outside of the dorm building.

Receive a Fitting Security Solution from Lyon Shield security

In the end, the right security solution for you must align with your organization’s unique needs. Clients who partner with Lyon Shield Security receive customized and flexible security solutions.

Lyon Shield Security specializes in innovative security solutions for various organizations, such as financial institutions, residential buildings, and retail storefronts. At Lyon Shield Security, we ensure that each security guard a client receives has the right training and specialization to excel in their duties.

To learn more about our personalized security solutions, contact Lyon Shield Security at 704-923-3124 or online today.

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